The Faggot Mantra


It has recently discovered a way to slowly learn its place. It believes that serving Cock should be the same as serving God. To treat it with the respect and honor one would. To humble oneself to the glory of Cock and Real Men. 

Here is a way to show reverence, how it shows reverence to Cock:

STEP ONE: Find an image of Cock that You want to worship. This image should be one that feels like the "perfect" Cock to you. Though you'll serve ALL Cocks, this is the God Cock.

STEP TWO: Get naked. On your hands and knees. Preferably in a private, quiet space. Have with you the image and fresh poppers.

STEP THREE: Take a deep breath, blowing out all the air in your lungs. Then, huff the poppers until it's filled completely. HOLD for 13 seconds.

STEP FOUR: Repeat aloud the following mantra:
I kneel on hands and knees, nakedBeggingI am a pathetic servant to CockI am just two holes for Man's CockI am the receptacle for Man's LoadI am a worthless faggotI am to be raped, used, and abused by CockI am nothing in the absence of CockI need Cock and worship it as GodCock will show me the WayCock will show me the WayFor Cock is GodAnd I am nothing 
STEP FIVE: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 another 6 times.

Do this daily, morning or night. Do NOT orgasm. Do NOT even touch your twig. Just focus on the Mantra. On the meaning. On the words. On the TRUTH. Sometimes it will use a dildo.

* * * * * * * * *

I am a complete, from hole to hole, slut. A Cum addicted faggot and TOTAL BOTTOM who serves any Top, Dom, Master or Sir.  my greatest desires are to feel sub-human, fully objectified, sexually humiliated and roughly handled for the sexual pleasure of Cock. 
I am two holes for the pleasure of Men. I am beneath the Cocks of Man. 
I define a Sex Pig as such:
 "A sex pig believes his body is for the total use and sexual abuse of another male.  It seeks out the most extreme of sexual situations.  Sex clubs, gang bangs and dark, deviant scenarios are the sex pigs ultimate desires.  It sometimes seeks out bondage or some limited exposure to S&M, but the sex pig's main prerogative is to collect and serve as many Cocks as it can.  The sex pig is incredibly  promiscuous. It is very rare for a sex pig to be owned solely by a single Master.  It instead serves all men equally.  It is a kind of slavery  that is unique in that it doesn't serve to pleasure men for their sake but to experience the mental pleasure in the amount and type of sex it has.  In fact, this slavery is self inflicted.  It is programmed to need it and seek it out.  There is no escaping this lifestyle, owned or not.  It is very close to an extreme drug or alcohol addiction.  Masters, Doms, Tops and Others take advantage of a sex  pig to relieve Their own darkest desires.  It should be noted that sex pigs are useless as domestics or pain slaves as it easily becomes bored and restless.  They're also very insistent about limits and what they will or won't do.  A sex pig is usually kept for short periods of time and are then left to its own devices. An argument can be made that these pigs are Doms at heart, topping from the bottom, seeking their fix to experience fresh new sensations."