Monday, March 7, 2016

Serving the Superior SIR

Last week, it served a Sir twice. It was a humbling, intense two sessions. 

The SIR reached out to it on Recon and said it was interested in using it. After a bit of back and forth about when it would be available (it had work), the agreed time was Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm. It cleaned itself up and got directions and made its way into the Hollywood Hills. 

The SIR's house was enormous. A large multi-million dollar home over looking the Los Angeles lights. It brings this up mostly to make it clear how intimidating it was and how inferior it felt. 

When it entered the premises, it was ordered to strip. The SIR then pulled down some gym shorts and it was greeted by a large Cock. The photo below doesn't quite accurately show its size. It is easily twice as big as its own twig. 

It sucked and followed instructions. Being made to swallow both balls and lick. Suck just below the head and also use its hand to twist at the head as it sucked. It was brought into its office, small gym and put on a pedestal that presented its hole and mouth, on hands and knees, at Cock level. Here the SIR fucked and got sucked. 

Eventually it went into its bedroom and was given a leather collar and blindfold. The scene continued until the SIR blew His Load into its hole and dismissed it. It went home and fucked dildos and came to the thoughts of it.

The 2nd experience was on Saturday evening. It had just received a new chastity device (which it had worn for only a few days, though it hadn't cum since Wednesday night) and was ordered to wear that and a jock strap. 

It returned and this time was striped to its jock. It was then brought to the bathroom where the SIR made it sit below Him and suck His Cock while He shaved. This scene was so hot because it was getting wet, dripped on by water and such and it was just sitting there sucking Dick like a faggot. 

It was brought to the bedroom and fucked on the bed, this time however, the SIR thought that it was ready to be double fucked and so inserted an "ass hook" to stretch its hole while it was being fucked. The feeling was so erotic, humiliating (its hole kept making "farting" noises), and intense. The faggot was sweating and in full concentration. It was also handcuffed. 

For a little over an hour, it was on its hands and knees, hand cuffed, in chastity, and with an ass hook stretching its hole. The SIR seemed to enjoy it, though it was constantly reminding it to lift its hips, lower its shoulders, open its 2nd hole. At times when the SIR's Cock penetrated the 2nd inner hole, it felt in complete nirvana. There was this mind fuck of being so completely undone as a person. Its hole was wet and sloppy, loose but still functioning as this pleasuring tool. 

Eventually, the SIR laid on His back and it was made to suck Him off to completion. The SIR blew His Load down its throat and then laid back quietly. It was so fucking horny at this point, it was pressing hard against the chastity device, humping the bed and feeling the tug of the tightly kept ass hook. The SIR then fell asleep for a few minutes. At His feet, this faggot worshiping, staring, longing for the enormous Cock in front of it.

When the SIR woke up a few moments later, it was dismissed. It went home and came again with dildos and using FagMaster's brainwash audio and videos. 

The SIR was gracious enough to send it photos of the first night (below) and a video which it's posting to its xTube account.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Strip Show & Dildo Fuck in Pictures

A Rare Night at the Zone

The faggot went to The Zone here in LA on Monday. It met a Vers Top online and served Him in a private room where it took His Load RAW. The Top left but the faggot stayed longer and received another two loads: another in its cunt and the 3rd from a used condom of the Sir who fucked it wrapped. The Load was smeared over the faggot's body, sucked a little down its throat and finally finger fucked up its hole to ensure every drop of it was deposited on this hungry little faggot. 

By the end of the night, it had taken just 5 Cocks, but enjoyed its time in service.