Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friday Night Gang Fuck

Friday night was great! So great that i woke up on Saturday completely exhausted and my hole was sore. i could barely sit and when i tried to stand up it was actually kind of difficult. i'm feeling much better today and the memories of it are pretty hot.

i got there around 10 pm and the place was in that middle crowd between busy and slow. There were plenty of Cocks needing service. i started at the blow job alley and got an uncut medium Cock right off the bat. i sucked Him off for a while and let down my shorts. Anonymous Men would stop and feel my ass, finger fuck me a second as i served the Cock. Eventually, the uncut Cock left and i was immediately presented with another larger Cock. i sucked it off with vigor. He was more aggressive and held my head, pounding the back of my throat and it became difficult to concentrate as a stranger came behind him and started to rub His Cock against my hole. He didn't fuck me here but was nice to be used on both ends.

When the 2nd Cock left, a 3rd immediately came over. He was smaller than the first two but just as aggressive. It was then that the Cock that was just teasing my hole slipped in and i immediately was being stuffed on both ends. 

The smaller Cock didn't take long before He was ready to blow and i swallowed my first load. He left and let me focus on the medium Cock fucking my hole. i was bent over now and since i had stopped sucking the guy fucking me insisted we get a room.

In the room, i got fully undressed and at this point was pretty horned up. i took His Cock hungrily and eventually He blew His load inside me. i thanked Him and He told me what a sweet ass i had. i dressed and moved on through the club.

The Dark Room was SUPER busy, hard to get in. i pushed my way through the crowd, getting to a back wall, all the while my twig and ass being fondled. Eventually, i turned my back to the wall and crouched down to Cock level and within seconds got a Cock in my mouth. i sucked it off for a few before rising to let Him fuck me. He did. He was rough but small and kept slipping out. After He stopped another guy came into me. At this point, i was led over to the fuck bench, where i was lined up with two other bottoms. Here i took four Cocks in a row. It was great.

THIS is the feeling i love most. One after the other, each new Cock making me feel more and more objectified. Each Cock giving me less and less of a say. Out of the four Cocks, only one of them actually blew His load inside me. i had to leave the room to grab some water.

i walked around a bit and decided to do the glory holes again. These can be pretty miss since most guys at the glory holes are subs. i didn't want to get sucked off again, as i wanted to focus my energies on Cock service. Eventually i did however take a Cock. Sucking Him through the hole, He finished without cumming.

i walked around some more and decided to wait outside a sling room. A big muscle Sir came over and walked up to me, reaching his hand out to my crotch. i had my shorts down to present my hole as i wanted to make sure He knew... and He did.

It's nice to get a good Dom in Slammer. i was naked within moments and sucked Him off before getting into the sling. He had a filthy mouth and called me every nasty word in the book. He liked to pinch my nipples and had a look of real fury as He fucked me raw. His Cock was thick but not huge.

He also spit on me a couple of times, i took it graciously. He then bred me like an animal and then told me that He wanted to piss on me and made me get up from the sling and walk into the "wet room." i was getting dressed and He said, "what the fuck are you getting dressed for faggot?" i nodded and grabbed my clothes and walked through the club, naked (just a short walk) into the wet room.

There wasn't anyone else in the room at the time i so i set my clothes into a corner and got into the cold white tub. i then sucked Him off. At this, He started to piss and i drank and let Him piss over my body. He pissed all over my face, hair, body. It was disgusting. i was then worried about not having a towel or being able to keep fucking.

With this, more Men showed up and another one, in just a few moments started to piss me on as well. It was a really hot scene and my twig was raging hard. i was jerking off and if i was stupid, could have blown my load right then. 

Both this Sir and the Top left, with another few Sirs waiting, jerking and watching me. It was slightly humiliating to be sitting in the tub. i didn't want to get up until i dried up a little and i wondered how many more Cocks could i actually take smelling like piss. 

One more Sir came over and fed me His piss and i drank and showered in it. When He left, the room sort of cleared and i got out i did my best to sort of dry up and went into a private bathroom to wash up as much as possible. 

After dressing i was still horned up, but could feel i was getting a little tired. 

i decided to go back to the dark room, as it was the easiest to get lots of Cock without much work. 

And here's where i took the last five Cocks of the night. i took the first one oral and within moments i was being fucked. i got put back onto the bench and one after the other i got fucked. taking another three loads! It's VERY rare to have such luck but it must have been getting late and guys were ready to fuck and blow. 

 When the last guy blew His load, i could feel the cum seeping down my leg. i sat there waiting for a few, maybe another guy would come but in actuality i was getting really exhausted and ready to leave. i walked around a little more and decided to leave. Coming up short of my goal of 20 Cocks but the club was slowing down and i wasn't ready to take more. 

i HATE this about myself. i got home and fell asleep almost immediately. When i woke up yesterday, i was super sore, but the memory was great and i look forward to getting into even better shape so taking more and being able to handle more is easier and easier... until every day is like this night.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Chastity is Great for the Faggot's Soul

Over the past few weeks, i've posted a lot about serving Cock. Whether just a quick fuck or serving a Dom. i've gotten away from what the title of this entire blog is - the purpose of this blog.

i consider myself a gay slave. Gay in that, i suck Cock and get fucked by Men. And slave in that i consider my role most naturally as the one who serves Cock. It's very VERY unnatural for me to be on top. To "fuck" another dude. To be aggressive. 

Also, gay may be too soft a word. Faggot is more like it. i'm glad for things like The Advocate, HRC, and Logo - the sort of pushing of gay rights onto the mainstream, removing the sex and instead focusing on the love between humans. That's great and important. If you want to be a dude who falls in love with another dude and then gets married, starts a family. Do that thing - you should have the right to do that and the fact that we don't 100% yet, is mind boggling.

i sometimes think about that. And i'm telling you here, if that guy ever showed up: that guy with boyish good looks, a nice smile, a nice body. Around my age, probably white (sorry fellas), who was nerdy and weird like me. And somehow, still found this blog and me hot... and we connected. i would "date" that guy. See where it goes. i'm by no means against love or whatever happens in life. That's for sure. i'm a realist.

That said, i find it incredibly difficult that that guy actually exists. I've dated good looking guys, and they've been nice but they're never... deviants. They're vanilla washed. And i've known guys who have my head space. They're deviants beyond what i could ever hope for but they don't feel like someone i would date... but someone i would serve.

And i know, i would be hard pressed, sad, and pretty lonely if i spent all my energies trying to find that guy. So, instead, i enjoy life in all that it is. i work a normal job (as much as i hate it), i have friends and social things i attend (which i do enjoy), and i serve Cock... a lot of Cock. There are times when i "go off the rails" and stop serving for a while, believing that i'm just one of the regular guys, but that changes quickly and i quickly find myself between the legs on some Man's Cock. Sucking, serving, and being bred like the animal i want to be.

But all this "normal" talk... or i should say "regular" guy stuff isn't really me. Sure, i like video games and movies, and i follow politics and the news, but at the end of the day, i feel best when i'm just... serving. It's hard to do it for a long period because my mind wanders. i have so many other things on my plate. Work and finances. Student loans. Friends and family. So, when boredom sets in, and it inevitably does when Your sucking a Cock for more than 10-15 minutes, or getting fucked. In this past week, i played for 4-6 hours at a time and i can't say honestly that i was present for it all. 

This is why i seek a true 24/7 situation. A situation where my life TRULY IS in the service a Master. One Cock. One Sir. One agenda. And yes, i may serve groups and get gang banged, i may be used as a performer for pornographic videos. Used to make Him money, but at the end of the day, my waking and closing thoughts every day would be on Him. And His needs. And then that boredom wouldn't matter anymore. When my mind would wander, it would wander through His needs. Did i do everything i can today to make my Master happy. 

Chastity is a great motivator. Chastity is something that i never thought possible. I thought it was painful and just something you would wear for a few hours as a sort of CBT scene, but over the years, i have found it to be a great way to focus the mind. To redirect the sexual energy that's wasted on masturbating to porn and using it to serving and making Men happy.

Until this point, i've only used trapped ball devices, which at the end of the day are ALL escapable, but what they do do, is give you a bit more pause. You have to go through a lot of effort and a bit of an uncomfortable angle to "cheat." When you get a hard on, it's clamped down and can't be used to orgasm... and the whole experience is controlled.

When i'm in chastity i'm hornier. i'm more audacious. i also feel more submissive, more in my role. Over the years, i've actually just been that role without the need of chastity but the device helps me focus. It reminds me, even if i'm hanging with friends or dealing with work or family, that all that is useless. All that is NOT what i'm about. What i'm about is COCK. i can't express that enough.

Knowing a man is cumming while fucking me. Knowing that i have allowed an almost complete stranger, who i have no real connection with to seed his RAW Load inside me, gives me so much fucking pleasure. And when a guy does it instinctually. When He just KNOWS. 

i've said this before but there's just something about a Man TAKING me. i've always wanted to be kidnapped but in a smaller since, i long for being at a sex club and having a Man just unzip His pants and allow me to suck Him. And then when He HOLDS my head. When He just decides, "this is a faggot and He WANTS to swallow" - when He just does it without asking... FUCK.

Nothing is better.

Anyway, Chastity keeps me like that. Chastity alters my hormones so that these feelings are the only feelings i have. 

The problem with Chastity is that it begins to become difficult to do other things. i've found that at times, i've fucked up at work, can't concentrate. Chastity accentuates the duality of being a gay slave in a "regular" world. It makes it difficult to care about paperwork or going to a friend's party.

It's a deadly force that helps me realize my full potential as sub. As slave. As faggot.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two Raw Fuckings & Breeding (with Video!)

Another day - MORE COCK! 

The streak continues, as i continue to spend an unfortunate month of unemployment into a fully realized sex binge. Yesterday and today were two great Cocks. For very different reasons and in fact, are emblematic of the two types of Sirs i serve:


Yesterday, i drove over to a Sir's house (of whom i played with before) and was asked to wait at his private backyard porch, naked with only chastity device. i undressed and left my clothes in a neat pile. i noticed He left a black spandex hood with only a mouth hole. i put it out without asking and waited on my hands and knees.

After a few minutes, He came out and sat on a chair where i was made to place my face to His crotch.  He immediately fed me a Cialis.

He made me suck on a jock that He made me bring and eventually, He stripped (sometimes by me) His clothes, slowly giving me access to His Cock. After a while, He had me turn an show me my hole, which for the rest of the afternoon, i was required to refer to it as His hole. As in, if i wanted Him to fuck my hole, i would plead with Him to "please Sir, fuck Your hole." Which, in retrospect can sound kind of silly but there's a bit of mind play here that was really hot.

i was told to stay still, keeping my head to the dirty porch ground and (His) hole up. It's in this position that He drip pissed over my body, His piss slowly seeping down the crack of (His) hole and my back. 

i waited as He got a towel and, after He dried me, was then led into His house on a dog's leash. 

Here i sucked and got fucked by Him, where He took the only video of the event:


He was a HEAVY pre-cummer and it wasn't long before my hole was sopping wet, as if i had taken loads. He, like the other guy today, was very quick to cumming in my hole. Not to be a braggart, but my hole can be very... hungry with Cock and their Loads.

This is when He decided to give me a second piss, as the first one, wasn't enough and He liked to smell His piss (His "marking") on me as He fucked me. i was lead into His shower where i kneeled back and took a pretty nice load from the neck down. He wanted to avoid pissing on his leather leash.  Afterwards, He stood me up and had me blown dry with a hair dryer in order to keep the smell and remove the drip. 

i was led back into His bedroom where we fucked more and eventually, He had me take His load orally. After He came, the scene changed dramatically and we pillow talked for a fifteen minutes or so before i left.


Today, i took another Load from a Sir who i had played with many years ago, but for one reason or the other, i hadn't been back. i do remember back when i met Him before, i had had problems with getting fucked by "bigger" dick. In fact, i would occasionally, "tear" and have this very faint anal fissures that would feel like paper cuts and take me out of service for a LEAST a month. Taking a shit would be one of the most painful things imaginably.

Over the years, i've trained my hole well (with increasingly sized dildos for one) and just learning to relax. Like being able to deep throat, it's something that just takes time. Regardless, it was nice to come over to a friendly face, with no pretense or scene - and just serve a Cock and get a hot load... or in this case... three. Or at least, that's how He said. I'll count it as one big one.

He did take two videos, one of which is the "third" load He gave me. 

i enjoy both scenes. Sometimes, it's great to have a really hot, long session with a creative and dominant Master. Other times, it's nice just to get a quick fuck in. In both cases, i was in chastity and there was no concern or time spent with my own twig. It was my holes - and their Cocks.

And that makes me feel both frustrated, horny, and needing more...



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Six Hour Cock Service & Worship

Yesterday was a good day.

A job i was supposed to start got pushed and my day opened up. i hadn't eaten yet and got back from the gym. i reached out to a Sir i had played with a few weeks back to see if i could serve Him. The last time we played, He complained that i had to leave so early and so this time, i wanted Him to know that i had the entire day to serve.

We had talked about doing a role-play, but it seemed that when i got there it was going to be a little more casual. This Sir liked to smoke and drink while we played and last time i refused His offer to drink. Since i knew Him, and trusted Him, i decided that i wanted to get a little... tipsy this time.

Since i hadn't eaten, i got pretty toasted pretty quickly.

i served His Cock well.

We played, pretty back and forth between oral and anal for quite sometime. 

There were a few notable key moments:

1) He needed to piss. Being horny and a little drunk, i offered to drink. He said He had bad experiences of people not taking it and spilling on His carpet, so i followed Him into the bathtub and He pissed over my body and i swallowed possibly a quarter of His sweet, wine filled piss.

2) He said He was going to bring over another bottom and if i had a problem with that. i said no. He told me to watch from a chair and i did so. After another thirty minutes or so, another bottom did show up. He was an older Mexican man, with a ring on. He had nice back tattoos and was in very typical "Mexican dad" shape. With muscular back and a pot belly. 

i watched from afar for a while before i was invited in. The Sir made the Mexican bottom suck me off while He fucked. This bottom was terrible at sucking cock. All teeth. i have a small twig too. i know how difficult it is to serve two Cocks at once, being spit roasted, but honestly. i then just spent the time kissing and holding His face, helping Him... "take the Cock." He kept begging to me how Big It was. It was a hot scene.

After a while, the bottom needed to take a break and i began to suck His tiny twig off (i guess all subs DO have small cocks) but He didn't like it and ended up leaving pretty quickly. The Sir didn't know what was wrong but i imagine that most bottoms like to have their top to themselves. And they don't want to cum with another bottom. Although, i tried to present myself as "versatile." For the sake of the bottom.

Regardless, after he left, the Sir and i continued to play back and forth and eventually, the Sir wanted to watch me cum. i told Him, i can't fuck after i cum - and i have no reason too, but He insisted i do it. And that He wanted to jerk off to the memories of it later. 

i had a hard time cumming, it's difficult to cum when you don't do it often. I wasn't hard at this moment, the scene was pretty... normal... and i just sort of jerked off my tiny, semi-hard twig. He fucked me a bit and i sucked Him off and eventually, i blew my load across my body and chest. i laid there and He watched me.

It's funny because i don't remember what happened next. Whether i wiped up the cum with a paper towel or just let it dry on me. In either case, i was exhausted but not ready to drive yet, being a little drunk still. 

i thanked Him and started to suck Him off... apologizing that He didn't Cum. He said He likes to just Cum later. That said, He told me to stop because i was getting Him aroused again. i did stop. And said, i really can't fuck right after i cum, i can't relax and the hormones aren't helping me... "take it."

He didn't care. And within moments, He was fucking me again. Against my wishes. i spent ALL my energy on "opening up" and "being relaxed" - taking it. He had me face down on the couch and luckily at this angle, i could handle however deep He wanted to go. i didn't dare try to go up on all fours, as i knew, if i couldn't let Him in the 2nd ring being horned and on poppers, i wasn't going to be able to let Him in now when i'm at my most... asexual. 

i let Him fuck me as long as He wanted though. Giving Him enough of a "stop" to give Him that dominating feeling. The "i control you," feeling. 

Eventually, He stopped. i passed out. Just for a few minutes. He made dinner and i slept a while on His couch, He ate His dinner and eventually, once i felt sober enough to drive, i left graciously and thankfully. 

It was a very exhausting and hot scene. 

i got home hungry as fuck, and had a delicious meatball sub and caught up on TV. i still had a headache from all the bad white wine i was drinking and i went to bed early. Today, my shoulders are hurting which i think is a combination of fucking and holding myself propped up and going to the gym. 

I've been pretty rough on my body lately, but i know it's for a good cause. 

i only wish i could have been there when He blew His load. Would have been a nice nightcap to the adventure.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Just a Hot Cummy Hole

* though this isn't my hole here, i have 100% had this happen to me.
it's a wonderful & very hot feeling.