Monday, August 8, 2016


“Are you the fag on Recon?” 

 I looked up and and the British voice was standing over me, waiting for a reply. He must have been around my age, in his mid to late thirties. He was fit, his shirt bursting with well earned muscle. He wasn’t a meat head or gym nut, but he has spent considerable time on his physique, an aspect I could not say about myself. 

 Myself, I was an average guy. Average looks. Average body. Looking at this guy, it only reminded me that I could still stand to lose about 15-20 pounds and get back into the gym. 

I gulped and asked him what he was talking about. At the time, I was on an extended layover in the Denver Airport, nearly 13 hours. I hadn’t showered in over 30 hours, hadn’t really freshened up, I felt gross and groggy and my only thoughts at the time had been to get on the plane and get home. I was looking forward to smoking a little weed, hitting a few poppers, and jerking off with a few dildos before sleeping the night away. I was currently in Terminal A, at the top of the stairs, people watching, trying to catch some sleep (I’ve had only 4 hours since the night before) and it was much less populated than below.

He bent down to me and whispered close enough that only I could hear. “If you’re Ace from Recon, the little faggot looking to be some low life Cock whore, then follow me.” As he finished, he stood and turned, heading down the escalator. Now, of course, I was this guy, but how did he know? Had he found me on Recon? Used a little location based research? Was he looking for any guy? So many questions ran through my head, but as they did, I packed up my things and quickly hurried after him. 

For a moment, I thought I had lost him in the crowd but I soon saw him again. He was very attractive. I wondered if he wanted to just get off. I hadn’t had a chance to “clean out” so I hope he wasn’t looking to fuck, but if I could get a little Cock sucking before I got back home, that would make my evening jerk off all the more exciting. There’s nothing hotter than being used by a man and then going home afterwards to jerk off, lonely and hungry and begging for more. 

We hopped in a terminal train and we rode it to Terminal C. He turned to me and asked if I had my passport. I nodded yes. He turned away and didn’t speak or look at me again. For a moment, my heart skipped, wondering if perhaps he was a gay basher and I was about to get beaten. I second guessed what I was doing, but his thick arms, dark features, and handsome face took the better of my judgement. 

My own flight was still nearly 3 hours from now, so I wasn’t stressing for time. When we got off, he lead me to part of the airport that looked like it was for the private airplanes. We walked in and he turned and told me to hand me my passport. I did as he requested. We walked up to the counter but he pointed over to a couch and told me to sit down and wait. I nodded.

I watched him from afar as he made small talk to the counter. After about five minutes he walked back over to me and told me to follow him. Around the corner, there was a large, private bathroom. It had a personal shower and was nearly the size of my own apartment’s living room. He told me to undress and then shower. “Soap and shampoo is there. There’s also a nozzle for you to clean yourself out.” He stood back and sat on a little bench by the door. Nervous, I began to remove my clothes, first my shoes and socks, then my pants and underwear and last my shirt. I walked into the shower and turned it on, first adjust the temperature and then washing.

It felt good to wash up. I used the soap and shampoo and after all this time, nothing felt better. I saw the small “douche nozzle” and flipped the handle, adjusting the temperature again to ensure I didn’t burn my insides. I think began to clean myself out. 

As I did, I avoided looking at the man, but I knew he was watching me. The scene was hot and humiliating and my Cock shot up like the little faggot I knew I was. I cleaned up the floor from my mess and then washed up with soap again. When I was finished, I turned off the water. As I did, another man walked in. This guy was older, maybe in his early 50s. He had grey hair and looked as fit as the other guy. He leaned down and whispered to the first guy who nodded. The older gentlemen left without looking at me. I looked around for a towel but found none. I also noticed that at some point when I wasn’t looking, he must have taken my old clothes. 

 “Get out of the shower and come over here, sit in this stool.” 

There across the bathroom was a small stool where I saw a buzzer. The man grabbed a small towel and began to dry my hair, after so, he took the buzzer and shaved my head to a crew cut. He then proceeded to shave my beard, leaving me looking pale and disgusting looking. I have a chubby face and my beard helped “thin my face.” With the shaved head and no beard, I looked like a little fat kid. He told me to stand and proceeded to shave my pits and the little hairs on my chest. Each time, using the small towel to dry me, but only when he was about to shave me. he continued to shave every part of me, my balls and public hair, around my asshole. He shaved my upper thighs to about an inch above my knee. He left my arms as they were.

As he was shaving me down, another man came bringing a set of clothes. There was a pair of thin pants, black tee shirt and pull on shoes. “Put these on and follow me.” I did. We left the bathroom and continued down another corridor which lead to the tarmac outside to a large plane. 

“Where was I going?” At this point, I realized that all my belongings were gone. My laptop, my phone, my passport.

I stepped onto the plane and found myself amongst a small group of men. There were other “sub” boys there, shaved and dressed like myself, as well as many other men of all ages and shapes. Some were fat, some were fit. Some were older and others were as young as their young twenties.

I was lead to the back of the plane to a private room, which looked more like a doctor’s office. Here a good looking man in his 40s began to run tests. He drew some blood, had me piss in a cup, took my temperature, weight and blood pressure. He took some notes and then handed my handler the results. “Follow me, faggot.”

I blushed as he said this in front of the doctor, but I knew of course that everyone on this plane knew what sort of situation this was. We returned back to the main cabin and then to another private room. This looked more like a bedroom. 

“All right, faggot. Now that you’ve followed a complete stranger onto a plane you have no idea where it’s going, I can trust that you are not playing games from what you said on your Recon profile.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

“Many faggots write these sorts of things and then when they are faced, they want to know all the details and ask all these questions, it’s tiresome and shows that they are not truly ready. That, sure they like to suck dick or take cock, but they’re not real faggots. You’re a real faggot aren’t you?” 

“Yes, Sir.”

He smiled. 

“Your results show that you’re not taking care of your body properly. I can tell because you’re overweight, but it’s going to be a problem if we’re going to use you the way we want. This is going to change. From this point forward you’re going on a strict diet and exercise plan. Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Sir.”

“Doesn’t matter. We are a Total Power Exchange Agency. We take little egoless fags like you and snatch them from their pathetic lives and then show them the real ways of living. Your life from this day forward will be in the service of Men. You’ll service Men from all walks of life, but you will be my property. I will see who and when and how often you will serve.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I am glad you understand to call me, Sir. You will continue to do so. Now, until we get you in better shape, you’re not going to be sucking or fucking anything but me. I am going to train you how I want you to serve any Man that’s put before you. You will do as I say and you will learn to serve properly.”  
“Yes, Sir.”

“First of all, I like my sluts out of their minds. With that said, I want you to drop your pants and bend over.” I did as he requested. He then took a small syringe from a stand nearby and inserted it into my rectum. I assumed that this was crystal. I had smoked it once or twice before, but never have I taken a “booty bump.” “Now there are some rules here, I’m telling you them because I’d rather you do these things on your own, rather than making my life more difficult.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re going to be high a lot with me, and eventually you’ll probably be pretty addicted to this stuff. This is fine, as you’ll be taking it regularly but in small enough doses for you to still function. This is going to just keep you alert, focused, and ready for service at all times. It’s also going to help with your diet. We’ll need to prevent various side effects, so anything I tell you to do, you will do. You understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I need you to text any family or friends who may get worried that you’re gone for a while. I also need you to write on any social networks that you’ve received a last minute job that’s taking you out of the country.”

“Yes, Sir.” He then handed me my phone from my back pocket. My first text was to my friend who was picking me up. Then to my roommate. I’m not sure exactly what I said, but just said that it looks like I’ll be heading immediately out on another job. “After this moment, you will have no contact with the outside world. When you emerge from your training, you will have no need for friends or family and your addiction to Cock and Cum will be too strong to deny.” 

 “Yes, Sir.” 

 “I assume you’ve taken poppers before, right?” 

 “Yes, Sir.” 

 “Well, you’re going to take them as I tell you right now.” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

He then proceeded to talk me through a series of six hits. He said each hit to reflect the new tenants of my life: Cock, Rape, Man, Cum, Fists, & Bondage. CRMCFB. Each hit was long, deep, and held as long as I was able. 

 “You’ll get better at this.” My head was immediately swimming and as soon as he realized it, he held my head down and pulled out his Cock. It was massive and quickly grew hard in my mouth. “There’s nothing I like more than a clouded little slut serving my Cock.” I listened to his words but swallowed his Cock with intense hunger. 

“You can use poppers as often as you like, but you will never take anything else unless I approve, understood faggot?” I nodded with his Cock in my mouth. “Take your mouth off and stand back. I want you to study my Cock. Look at at it. Worship it. Don’t touch it, don’t lick it. Just long for it.” 

I did. And I did. Fuck did I want it. 

He then had me on all fours and proceeded to fuck me. He was gentle at first, but my loose hole quickly swallowed his thick rod and it slurped and spit and pulsed inside me. My heart raced. He talked me through how he liked to fuck, which was mainly me remaining still and only adjust to ensure that he was able to penetrate as deep as he liked. “Take more hits of poppers. I want you to focus more on the popper than my Cock when you do so.” 

I did. He counted me again. Six long, deep hits. My head was nearly gone, the moment too intense. With the lack of sleep, the booty bump hitting me, and the heavy dizzy hits, I was in near nirvana. He then blew his Load into my hole telling me just before that whenever a Man breeds me I was to immediately push it out. This was to ensure that at least some of the Load would drip from my hole and sight that he considers the crowning achievement of any true faggot.

He blew a thick, hot load and I immediately began to push it out, feeling it drip down my balls and legs. He continued to trust inside me as he finished and then flipped me over, making me clean off his wet cum covered Cock. 

I took it with great, hungry pleasure. 

When he finished with me, he pulled out of my mouth, his thick Cock flopping down. I watched it glisten in the soft lift. He told me to get on my back and then proceeded to place a metal Cock cage on me. There were various parts and he took a few minutes to find the right size for my tiny twig. Once he had my Cock locked up, he told me that I may sleep. 

He gave me a mouth guard (to prevent teeth grinding) and said he would return with some medicine he wanted to me take. When left I closed my eyes, in perfect joy. How quickly I gave everything up. How quickly I was lead to a lifestyle of sex and depravity when I had so many other things going on in my life.

He returned a few minutes later with a bottled water and handful of pills. I swallowed all of them and then he left me again, turning off the lights. In the darkness, sounds of porn began to rise. Moaning and grunting. Slurping and wet thrusts of Cock in hole. In the pitch darkness, I began to see things. The sounds were dark, there was a drone sound, something sinister to it. It was quiet enough to lull me to sleep, but loud enough to be heard and unignored.

The only reason I fell asleep was from pure exhaustion, even though my heart and my raging twig, pressed hard against its steel cage, wanted otherwise.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Serving the Superior SIR

Last week, it served a Sir twice. It was a humbling, intense two sessions. 

The SIR reached out to it on Recon and said it was interested in using it. After a bit of back and forth about when it would be available (it had work), the agreed time was Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm. It cleaned itself up and got directions and made its way into the Hollywood Hills. 

The SIR's house was enormous. A large multi-million dollar home over looking the Los Angeles lights. It brings this up mostly to make it clear how intimidating it was and how inferior it felt. 

When it entered the premises, it was ordered to strip. The SIR then pulled down some gym shorts and it was greeted by a large Cock. The photo below doesn't quite accurately show its size. It is easily twice as big as its own twig. 

It sucked and followed instructions. Being made to swallow both balls and lick. Suck just below the head and also use its hand to twist at the head as it sucked. It was brought into its office, small gym and put on a pedestal that presented its hole and mouth, on hands and knees, at Cock level. Here the SIR fucked and got sucked. 

Eventually it went into its bedroom and was given a leather collar and blindfold. The scene continued until the SIR blew His Load into its hole and dismissed it. It went home and fucked dildos and came to the thoughts of it.

The 2nd experience was on Saturday evening. It had just received a new chastity device (which it had worn for only a few days, though it hadn't cum since Wednesday night) and was ordered to wear that and a jock strap. 

It returned and this time was striped to its jock. It was then brought to the bathroom where the SIR made it sit below Him and suck His Cock while He shaved. This scene was so hot because it was getting wet, dripped on by water and such and it was just sitting there sucking Dick like a faggot. 

It was brought to the bedroom and fucked on the bed, this time however, the SIR thought that it was ready to be double fucked and so inserted an "ass hook" to stretch its hole while it was being fucked. The feeling was so erotic, humiliating (its hole kept making "farting" noises), and intense. The faggot was sweating and in full concentration. It was also handcuffed. 

For a little over an hour, it was on its hands and knees, hand cuffed, in chastity, and with an ass hook stretching its hole. The SIR seemed to enjoy it, though it was constantly reminding it to lift its hips, lower its shoulders, open its 2nd hole. At times when the SIR's Cock penetrated the 2nd inner hole, it felt in complete nirvana. There was this mind fuck of being so completely undone as a person. Its hole was wet and sloppy, loose but still functioning as this pleasuring tool. 

Eventually, the SIR laid on His back and it was made to suck Him off to completion. The SIR blew His Load down its throat and then laid back quietly. It was so fucking horny at this point, it was pressing hard against the chastity device, humping the bed and feeling the tug of the tightly kept ass hook. The SIR then fell asleep for a few minutes. At His feet, this faggot worshiping, staring, longing for the enormous Cock in front of it.

When the SIR woke up a few moments later, it was dismissed. It went home and came again with dildos and using FagMaster's brainwash audio and videos. 

The SIR was gracious enough to send it photos of the first night (below) and a video which it's posting to its xTube account.