Friday, February 5, 2016


For the first time in a long time, I went to Slammer finally feeling "horny" again to need real Cock. It was there, I took a few Cocks:

1) First two Cocks were in a dark room in the back. They were both side by side, thick & uncut. They both fucked me raw and I went from ass to mouth with each of them before one of them gave me a Cum load to the mouth. The other left.

2) The 3rd Cock was an Asian man who I stated off at a open Glory Hole but eventually lead into a private room. He fucked me with a condom (unfortunately) but after He came, I was able to take His condom and set it to the side before licking the remains of His Cock clean. When he left the room, I proceeded to pull the condom inside and out, wiping the cum over my body, slipping the last bits of Load into my mouth and finger fucking a bit.

3) A 4th Cock came to me in the same room, as I opened the door, he was there and wanted a piece. He had a small, smelly, uncut Cock that I took (in honest with some hesitation), that said, as He was already hard, I quickly turned around to give Him my hole. He was shorter than me and the angle just didn't work, as much as I tried to give it to Him. Eventually He stopped and left.

4) The 5th Cock led me into a room and was clearly high and barely able to stand. He was incredibly small dicked and was unable to get hard. I think He was probably looking for a top, of which I am not. Unless commanded and with LOTS of hot rough play to get me there...

5) I spent a little bit in a private glory hole spot and got a little suck and fucked by a 6th Cock. He also wanted to suck me off a bit, which I obliged. I am a little small myself just over 4.5" and most guys tend to stop sucking after a while. Something about that is VERY hot to me... knowing that guys are not interested in my dick. There's a humiliation and degradation to it that keeps me in my place a sub bottom.

6) The last Cock of the night was a HOT BLACK guy. Hung and thick. After a night of a few misfires, He was the home run. We started off in one room and He fucked me raw and hard. I then asked if He would fuck me in a sling. He had a slight Jamaican accent and was young and cute. We made it into a sling room. I was a bit shy getting fully naked in front of me, although I have lost some weight, I was not in the perfectly fit shape He was. I was absolutely the inferior. He fucked in the sling, holding my head and me massaging and holding His head. I focused all my energy on allowing His dick to get as DEEP as it could, despite it hurting just ever so slightly. My dick never got hard it was so focused on Him. Eventually, He Came inside me. He thanked me, to which I thanked him very much back. 

I was tired after this, and went home, having spent about two hours in the club. 

When I got home, I fucked myself with a dildo and came to Fag Master's brainwash audios, it was a great night.

Monday, April 6, 2015

After a Long Break, the Faggot Gets a Wet Pump & Dump in the Dark

i haven't posted in a while, and in fact, i haven't been "out" in a while. my recent addiction has been poppers and dildos. Listening to various "hypnosis" videos that instruct you to take hits of poppers on a regular, increasing interval while showing images of Cocks, fucking, service, poppers, etc. 

Jerking off while high on poppers, fucking yourself with a dildo is a GREAT feeling. And in fact, it's easier and "safer" to do it at home when you're busy. The last time i went into a crazy binge, i ended up catching a bug, that i had to get a shot for. Something i'm not too worried about, it comes with the territory, i guess, but it doesn't make it less annoying/gross.

That said, i'm still a hungry little faggot. 

Last night, i got a text message from a Sir who requested a gag-the-fag scene for this coming Wednesday. After agreeing, He must have gotten me in a horny mood, He asked if i was around that evening and i just said -- yes. 

i drove to His house later that evening, instructed to wear a hoodie, jock, and no belt. 

i met him on the side of his house. It was dark but i could still see the neighborhood road. i'm 100% not into getting caught, nor doing it in public with the chance of getting caught, but this was kind of hot. i imagined it to be like a hungry dog looking for a little scraps, but in this case it was a horny faggot looking for Cock.

As soon as i walked up, He was practically hard and His average Cock waiting for me. i was instructed to get on my knees. He wanted to use my poppers and we shared them (though He took the majority of hits). 

He was rough.

His main instruction from his profile is that if anything comes up (spit, throat juices, etc) i was not allowed to wipe it. Though He said that the gag/fag scene was for Wednesday, i got a little taste of it tonight. It was fucking hot. 

He also fucked me raw, bouncing me back from ass to mouth, ass to mouth. 

He kept cumming in my hole, three times. Not sure if was a real load each time or not, but He would fuck me and pull me as if it were. Eventually, He lubed His Cock and ordered me to jerk and suck Him off. It was here that i got a HUGE fucking Load in my mouth, swallowing it hungrily. 

He also liked to spit on my face, but His spit was HUGE globs of spit. My face soaked by His spit. It was a very WET scene. He also wanted me to drink His piss, but told Him i would but couldn't promise I wouldn't spit some out, and that i would want to be shirtless if He wanted it. He was gracious enough to say that we would do it another night when it wasn't so cold. 

After He Came in my mouth, He told me to get the fuck going. 

i stood up and walked away, zipping my pants and once i was out of sight, wiping His huge, wet spit from my face. The scene was hot. It was quick and forceful. i hoped He liked it.

This morning, i woke up to a text to say that "faggots like you are hard to cum by. u and i will be meeting a lot." i thanked Him. i enjoyed His attitude. He seems me for what i am. He knows that i respond to His decisions. i am not in charge. He didn't ask to see me again, he told me we would meet again. 

He also said my "boy pussy was like velvet." A comment i've heard before and glad that my hole has remained in tact over the years of constant abuse, Cock, dildo, and Cum.

i can't promise i'll write here as often as i did in the past, but i might be making some major plans in the future. One that may uproot my entire life and put me into a lifestyle that's completely devoted to Cock, but i'm not sure exactly how and when that might happen, but i look forward to it, if it does.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three Nights in One Week

This week, i served 34 different Cocks & took 15 loads.

i ended up going to Slammer three different times & got the same results basically every time.

It was pretty hot.

i'm trying to figure out how each day works, here's my thoughts:

TUESDAY NIGHTS: Slow, but more Loads (I went early, 9:00p - 11p) and got 11 Cocks.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: Wet Wednesday, drank some piss, same deal - about 10 Cocks.

FRIDAY NIGHTS: Busy, but less action - got 12 Cocks with only 5 Loads.

The secret i'm finding is going early.

i'm also 8 days without an orgasm... trying to make it to 17, my personal record. We'll see how that goes...

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Dom's Load & the sub's Release

i've been in chastity for about a week now and i finally blew it.

Before i did, i took one more load, getting myself to 40 and then i came home and jerked off with the leaking cum of His Load and some hypnosis... but details...

i found the SIR off Scruff. He seemed actually a pretty nice guy and so, i figured i would take the device off... but, just for His sake, i asked Him. Told Him, i was in chastity and if He's into that sort of thing. He loved the idea, so i kept it on.

i meet Him late night Saturday and as soon as i entered His apartment, i was told to strip. The nice guy demeanor from His Scruff profile wasn't here. He was much more Dom than i had thought... and i was excited. He was older than me, in his late 30s and He had a pleasant face. He had me kneel at the front door as He took my clothes, phone, keys, into another room.

When He returned, He walked up to me and had me suck His Cock. When He pulled it out, it was a little smaller than the photos suggested but He soon got a lot harder as i sucked, licked, and worshipped His Cock. He pulled back and told me to stare at His Cock. i did.

He then spit on my face before shoving His Cock back into my mouth. "i want you to gag on it, faggot." i tried not too, but it was too much and He was being pretty rough. It wasn't long before i actually threw up a little in my mouth. i quickly swallowed it back. He pulled out. "Don't fucking swallow faggot, let it spill out your mouth. When i cum, let it spill out of You." 

He fucked me again, and i gagged in short order. The little vomit burn in my throat. He kept fucking my face and i let the spit and stomach fluid bubble up onto my chest. It was gross and fucking HOT. He praised me and kept making me gag. i was getting wet as fuck. "Rub it into your body, don't get it on the floor." 

This Dom was SICK and fucked up and my twig was hard as fucking rock in my cage. He then pulled out again, spit hanging from my wet lips to the tip of His Cock. "Stare at it." i did. i wanted nothing more than to have this Cock again.

He walked away and told me to follow. i got up on my feet and He quickly turned. "Faggot's crawl. No one said you can walk." i understood my place. 

i crawled after Him, my twig raging. 

We went into the bathroom, and i figured i was going to take His piss here. He didn't mention anything about water sports in his profile. In fact, it said He liked to be a little aggressive and dirty, but it was all very vague and... friendly. 

This was not.

He had a nice clean bathroom and a walk in shower. Nothing huge. He asked me to put my hands behind back and then He began to piss over my entire body, "mouth open" - i drank some, i took some but mostly it seemed He was washing the spittle i had thrown up from being gagged.

After He finished, He let me sit there now a little cold, dripping wet and feeling vunerable. He turned on the water, keeping me away from the cold and once it was warmer He took off His clothes. He had a decent body, with moderate hair. i was allowed to stand but was made to keep my hands behind my back. He washed my body. i felt like an object here. It was erotic, hot, and sensual - yet cold and disconnected. There wasn't love or affection, it was clinical. 

After He finished, He guided me out the shower and dried me, hands over my head. 

He then brought me into a very clean bedroom, which i didn't know whether or not it was His bedroom or not. It was so sterile. i imagined this could be the place where i lived, if i became His live in. He stood by the bed and had me on all fours. 

"Suck me slow. Worship my Cock." i did. i was patient and soft. Massaging His head and shaft with my tongue, His balls. Around the Cock. During this, He reached over and felt my hole, which was aching for Cock. 

He had me turn around and, while still being on hands and knees, keep my legs together. He pulled the chastity device between my legs. He then got Himself propped up on the bed and started to fuck me. Raw, spit only. 

He was gentle. He must have liked it because He moaned with great pleasure. He held my body tight and fucked me harder and harder. And then - He blew His load. 

"Push it out, faggot." i did. As it leaked out my hole, He scooped it with His fingers and fed it to me. i ate it up hungrily. 

He stood up and told me to wait. 

After a moment, Cum still dripping from my hole, i heard Him return but dared not turn around. He threw my clothes onto the bed and told me to leave. "Do not clean yourself until You're out of my house. Just dress and leave."

He then left into another room. 

i quickly dressed and left.

When i got home, i couldn't wait any longer. i unlocked my cage and started to jerk off to His scene. i used the wetness left in my hole as lube, as well as massaged with some vaseline. i decided to make the scene more intense with some hypnosis videos i created of just Raw Breeding and my voice heavily modified repeating dark, deviant phrases over and over again. 

i came and fell asleep with my sticky hand attached to my shrinking, little twig. 

A good night.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

7 Selfish Loads

it's been a very long time since i've been the center of attention in a group setting. i've played at Slammer and one on one, but a small gathering of Tops to serve is always hot and by circumstances unforeseen, it happened.

i visited a Top i had played with before and i told Him casually in a text that if He knew when His buddy was available to play as well? Within a few minutes, He told me that His buddy was available and that i could service two. i was excited.

i wanted Him to also know that He had 100% permission to invite whomever over. That He never had to get "permission" from me. That i got off on finding out that i would be serving more Cock than i thought. Coming into a house, thinking it's just going to be a quick one on one and then finding out there are more... hot.

When i got there, it wasn't just one buddy but three others that were there, making the Cocks i was serving Four. One guy didn't want to fuck, but just watch and bust His Load onto my ass. i got in and immediately began to suck off two Guys, the Host and His buddy. It wasn't long before i was being spit roasted, fucked and sucking. The guy who just wanted to jerk off did take a little sucking from me and soon, i was turned over, on all fours on the bed and shared between two guys. Both of whom busted their loads pretty quick. The third guy busted His load over my butt and one of the others smeared it and pressed it into my hole. Within about ten minutes of arriving at this house, i had three loads inside me.

The fourth guy showed up pretty quickly and was a HUGE black guy. He, unfortunately, just wanted to get sucked off and the other guy started to fuck Him. my view was under His crotch, so as i sucked Him off i could watch as this pretty thick Cock fucked the black guy. The one who just jerked off left and i watched as the black guy continued to take Cock from this other guy. It wasn't long before the Black Guy blew His Load down my throat. The host and the other Top ended up finishing a 2nd Load in my hole each and after they left, i got a third Load from the Host... leaving me with 5 loads in my hole, one swallowed and another across my body. 

i felt sticky and hungry and happy. 

i laid with the host for probably an hour or so, as we snuggled. Eventually, i showered and left - a very unexpected (quick) gang bang.